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Message Subject Fruit Juices are Sodas Evil Twin - Diseases Linked and Children Targeted
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You wonder why kids are starting to gain weight?
Parents think children are getting a healthy drink because it is a fruit drink.

obesity rates continued to rise. Remember, fruit drinks often contain the same amount (or more) of sugar and fructose as soda.
Fructose at 15 grams a day is harmless (unless you suffer from high uric acid levels). However, at nearly 10 times that amount it becomes a major cause of obesity and nearly all chronic degenerative diseases. And that's how much is in the fruit drinks compare to an apple for example.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1516551

It isn't just the fructose and sugar that is the problem!! It's the FLUORIDE in the water that they add to the fruit juice concentrates and soft drinks. Fluoride damages the thyroid and causing it to malfuntion. Most of us are getting an overload of fluoride because it's been added to so many things and not just added to the water. Thyroid damage contributes to obesity, so we are getting a double whammy!
 Quoting: Grandma Zee 5755217

Yes I partly agree but you have to go check the links about fructose read more about it.
That's very true fluoride is dangerous but check out this next article about what is MORE dangerous then fluoride.
[link to articles.mercola.com]
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