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Message Subject FINALLY: The Real Reason the "Rothschild" Arab Springs were orchestrated hits MSM.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Doesn't sound familiar, Limitless anyone?

"[after he's finished reading the portfolio of companies Van Loon had given him]
Eddie Morra: These companies aren't the question, are they?
Carl Van Loon: Explain.
Eddie Morra: Unless you're playing both sides of the fence. Control the whole power enchilada. But no, these companies wouldn't get you there in emerging markets. You would have to....oh! Wow! Wow, this must be some big ass mergers your contemplating. And there's really only one company with enough bling to justify merger with Van Loon Associates.
Carl Van Loon: Who've you been talking to?
Eddie Morra: No, I'm just connecting the dots. Is Hank Atwood really gonna go for it?
Carl Van Loon: Well, you're an amazing con artists, or you're a very smart young man.
Eddie Morra: I mean, come on! The two of you together. The whole world would have to come begging for energy, like Oliver Twist and his bowl of gruel.
Carl Van Loon: No. Well now you're going backwards. What else you got?
Eddie Morra: A prediction. It won't come off.
Carl Van Loon: Why's that?
Eddie Morra: You'd have to back off Libya.
Carl Van Loon: Really?
Eddie Morra: Well, you don't want to hear this from some schmuck who needs a ride home.
Carl Van Loon: All right. You get your shot. Meet me tomorrow at the St. Regis at ten and tell me how they gutsy little schmuck, who needs a ride home, would restructure these deals. And you better be prepared.
Eddie Morra: I'm at your disposal."

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