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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I guess you could say that in collectivism, differences are bad and in individualism, differences are normal.

Take an incredibly orthodox firebrand preacher of some type. The type who claims that "non believers" in whatever it is they're following are all doomed to hell or equivalent. When you have a whole group of people who are like that, that is my version of collectivism. Intolerant of ideas other than their own, who may even become violent against opposing views if given the chance.

No I'm not just picking on religions, there's lots of atheists who are like this as well, or certain "Super patriots" in some countries who believe they are somehow better than another group because they are different from them.

It works as long as everyone sings the exact same tune. However can cause intense conflict if it meets another collective that is different than itself.

However being too tolerant of differences can be just as dangerous. Like, imagine if it was perfectly okay to rape and steal and etc because it would be wrong to judge those peoples views on such acts... that becomes a problem very fast.
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