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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
All the 'ism' tags are just wrong and too hard.

Everyone does not see eye to eye on the vernacular.

It's like the tower of babel where everyone's semantics went through the ringer and came out backwards and upside down.

A confusion of tongues.

I vote we replace 'collectivism' with, CONNECTIVE-ISM.

That'll go half way to clearing it up and squaring it away.
 Quoting: Quanta 6661327

Alright, I've given this thread a read now.

OP, get your head out of all the fiction!
We live in the real world, basing your outlook on the world on what you've experienced in fiction is a very immature way of looking at things.

Moving on from that though, I dislike your question as your painting collectivism as if it is a globalist idea, one world government, one nation sort of thing, it's not.

For example, I'm a collectivist and I oppose globalism severely, I believe collectivism should be used to enforce national and cultural identity, as in, collectivism within one nation, not the entire globe.
 Quoting: Stocking Eats Cake

First off it isn't actually the fiction that I developed my ideas from, I'm only using them as analogies because there's similar themes.

Second, from the sounds of it you're one who is "unwilling to learn the lesson" Possibly because of the medium the message comes through :P

Third, I should've defined what I personally meant by collectivism and individualism. Although you're argument against me highlights what I'd just said in there. You believed that when I said collectivist that I meant the exact same thing you would've meant by collectivist and based your argument on that assumption, am I wrong?

In this case I'm not talking about people working together I'm talking about diversity. Collectivism meaning very low to no diversity in a population in terms of thought, culture, etc, AKA like the Borg.

Individualism is very high diversity in a population. Obviously there's a bit of a paradox inherent in this ideology because if everyone held the idea that you should be understanding of others viewpoints.... doesn't that equal collectivism?

Well no, because the other part of the definition of collectivism is that it is intolerant of ideas, cultures, ways of life, etc other than its own. Whereas individualism would be more "whatever floats your boat".

From what it sounds like my definition of individualismis similar your definition of collectivism. The "collective" in my definition came from things like "Borg Collective" because I felt it was a good analogy for what I was talking about.

Does that clear things up a bit?
 Quoting: Reiz

Does that clear things up for you?
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