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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Collectives do have good sides to them. For example a collective would likely have a low amount of inner conflict, or even none at all. When you have all members of a collective working together progress can likely be made much faster as well, not in terms of social progress but more material progress. Healthcare, transportation, etc.

Collectives are peaceful and they are safe, they also require little or no effort on the part of the individual in terms of thought because things are more standardized than they would be in a more individualistic society. Stress may be lower because of that.

So as long as you do not regard yourself at all as an individual but as belonging to a particular group that you are loyal to, collectivism works. And that lack of individuality is important if your collective as a whole is in danger, whether from threats outsides, such as war, or inside, such as disease or famine. Because the collective is less likely to give a shit about you, if you as an individual become a liability, such as being injured in battle or using too much food, you're more likely to just be discarded in order to preserve the integrity of the collective as a whole.

As long as you're okay with that and understand that that is how it goes in a collective then everythings A-OK.

AS an example, those more than willing to die for "King and Country" would have a more collectivist outlook on things. Subscribing themselves to a group of people and a place who mean more to them than their own existence. as a whole and a generalization (keep that in mind) the mainstream USA is a very collectivist group by my definition. Incredibly patriotic to the extent that they will overlook wrongdoings from their leaders because they love their country so much.

Everything about America needs to be about America, as opposed to recognizing the global contribution of literally the entire world in its socio-cultural-technological makeup it all simply get boiled down into "American." That is a textbook collective right there, by my definition. Valuing stability of the whole over everything else.

By contrast take, Canada, where I live. On the good side of things Canada has historically seemed resistant at the very least to being controlled. An individual seems to have little or no problem voicing dissenting opinions about the government and its policies. Our governm,ental system itself is set up in such a way tht it is more flexible than the AMerican system. Namely the presence of a federal Non-Confidence Vote which is a safeguard in case the prime minister decides to do something completely batshit crazy one day that anyone, regardless of party, dissagrees with. Its a mechanism that allows the prime minister to be removed almost instantly if necessary. This would be why Canada has had something like 5 federal elections in teh last 6 years or something like that. Sadly our system is quickly becoming as fascist and corrupt as the American system.None the less it is still proving more resistant to over arching national control.

Now the bad stuff is that Canada has almost too much respect for individual cultures and opinions. It has allowed immigrants to come in, complain about how Canada does things, and thus force the entire system to change for their benefit. It has also done little to promote a sense of interdependance in communities, as like cultural groups will still tend to group together and not do much integration with other cultures. For example in the city I live in there are definite Jewish, Muslim, Black, White, Chinese, Japanese, etc neighborhoods and even the street names reflect this. Naturally there is still conflict between those groups, but acceptance of multiculturalism has gone to the point where that conflict is overlooked and treated as not everyone's problem which is a very dangerous road to take. This has been proven by things such as openly Jihadist mosques and openly Zionist temples that are almost in plain view of everyone.

Although the barrier is still far weaker in Canada as things like mixed race/culture relationships are incredibly normal here and no one bats an eye about it most of the time.

Wow I have a penchant for writing forum essays don't I? Well there's my view on the good and bad of both ends of the spectrum.
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