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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle The_Viceroy
Post Content
Alright, I've given this thread a read now.

OP, get your head out of all the fiction!
We live in the real world, basing your outlook on the world on what you've experienced in fiction is a very immature way of looking at things.

Moving on from that though, I dislike your question as your painting collectivism as if it is a globalist idea, one world government, one nation sort of thing, it's not.

For example, I'm a collectivist and I oppose globalism severely, I believe collectivism should be used to enforce national and cultural identity, as in, collectivism within one nation, not the entire globe.
 Quoting: Stocking Eats Cake

The problem with collectivists, of all kinds, is their love and devotion to the word 'enforce' - which means: to use force.

The use of force, unless used to protect your life and or property, is always immoral; always.

I am sure collectivist would respond: we're doing it for your own good.... just like a child abuser or spouse beater rationalizes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 108458

I think Hitler had the idea of "enforcing" national identity collectivism too, as did Stalin, Mussolini, etc.
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