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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle The_Viceroy
Post Content
Alright, I've given this thread a read now.

OP, get your head out of all the fiction!
We live in the real world, basing your outlook on the world on what you've experienced in fiction is a very immature way of looking at things.

Moving on from that though, I dislike your question as your painting collectivism as if it is a globalist idea, one world government, one nation sort of thing, it's not.

For example, I'm a collectivist and I oppose globalism severely, I believe collectivism should be used to enforce national and cultural identity, as in, collectivism within one nation, not the entire globe.
 Quoting: Stocking Eats Cake

The problem with collectivists, of all kinds, is their love and devotion to the word 'enforce' - which means: to use force.

The use of force, unless used to protect your life and or property, is always immoral; always.

I am sure collectivist would respond: we're doing it for your own good.... just like a child abuser or spouse beater rationalizes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 108458

I think Hitler had the idea of "enforcing" national identity collectivism too, as did Stalin, Mussolini, etc.
 Quoting: The_Viceroy

This is why I used the USA as the example for collectivism as they display pretty much the same nationalistic traits as Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Mussolini's Italy. Shifting the fanatical devotional power of religion onto the state itself. And look how that's turning out for individuals.

Its often been said that what Stalin did was good for Russia, but not so good for Russians.
 Quoting: Reiz

The sentence I bolded applies pretty accurately to the American left but not Americans overall, not even the majority of Americans. The left is a very vocal minority but does not accurately represent the sentiments of the mainstream.

I've spend alot of time in Canada in my day, one side of my family is from Picton, ON.
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