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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
To be honest I'd say the way the American military is portrayed in America via everything from video games, those commercials, movies, etc is actually very disrespectful to what a military was originally intended to be. Not just disrespectful to the people in the American military, but disrespectful to the whole concept of military as a whole. That it is all about shooting and killing, no mercy for the enemy, no moral restraints, you are on the "good" side and everyone else is subhuman demons you need to eradicate. Again, a very, very collectivist way to portray it.

Although I was pretty annoyed one remembrane day when they made a Vimy Ridge commercial look like a Call of Duty game. I'm at least mature enough to recognize that it is not a game nor is it fun, but it was the less mature people I was worried about. How would that impact their view on war?

But that is getting a little off topic now, sorry.
 Quoting: Reiz

It is in the interests of the ruling class to glorify war.
It is in the interests of the ruling class for people to identify patriotism as unquestioning obedience, and criminalize dissent. The things you speak of are just some of the means to that end.
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