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Message Subject Collectivism VS Individualism, which would you choose?
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
The sentence I bolded applies pretty accurately to the American left but not Americans overall, not even the majority of Americans. The left is a very vocal minority but does not accurately represent the sentiments of the mainstream.

I've spend alot of time in Canada in my day, one side of my family is from Picton, ON.
 Quoting: The_Viceroy

Hmmm... whereas I thought I was being general enough to avoid that. it seems to me that American culture is incredibly focused on America and only America. heh, like Seth Rogan was told when he originally wanted to base Pinapple Express somewhere in Canada, "No American wants to watch a movie based in Canada" and so had to change the character. Most other groups are seen as "lesser" at the very least. As well as a seemingly fanatical respect for the military. Then again I guess Canada has a similar thing for the military but nowhere near the degree it is for the States. We don't have fly bys at football or hockey games or anything like that. Nor do Canadian ads to join the military make it out to be all fun and adventure and frankly, a video game. Yeah I've seen your Navy commercials, its kinda scary.

Sure maybe the devotion isn't to the government but the stereotype of the political right in America is that same fascist style uber patriotism. And because of that I figured I could generalize to encompass most of the spectrum of Americans
 Quoting: Reiz

Isn't that kind of generalization "collectivist" in itself? Do individual Americans you meet give you that impression?
 Quoting: The_Viceroy

actually yes, individual americans I've met have given me that impression. However this itself seems to be a spectrum because frankly it seems the more Canadian influence they've had (border states) the less arrogant, pissy, and demanding they are.

Its not hard to miss an american tourist, as they tend to compare everything with America, or complain that a non english speaking country does not speak english, or prefer to go to a Mcdonalds or A&W instead of tasting anything local. Again this is a spectrum thing and I've also met many Americans who are the exact opposite of that. Like one lady who moved here from North Carolina is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. I don't know how long she's been here but its been more than enough to get citizenship and then some.

Either way I'm smart enough to recognize that not all Americans are like this, but as for many of those who I've met personally, yeah, they tend to be assholes.

And yes technically that generalization is collectivist in itself, but again I know not all Americans are like this and judge them more based on how they personally act rather than cultural stereotypes. Its just that a lot seem to be this way, thus its easier to make a generalization for the sake of speaking about it.
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