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What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:

Joe Bob the CXIVth
User ID: 5660279
United States
12/07/2011 05:04 PM
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What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
(Please – you internet savvy, sincere Ron Paul supporters – after you read this Network America ewire, post it on a web page and get on all the forums and give people the link to that web page.
ALSO, email the link for such a web page to the MAINSTREAM media, so they know we are watching them. -- Everyone has permission to duplicate parts or all of this ewire. If you think you can word it better, or if you just want to write your own intro and publish only the practical plan of how we can get a fair count for Ron Paul in the upcoming January 3, 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus – please do whatever you think is best. Thank

IF RON PAUL WINS the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2012, especially if he wins by a lopsided margin – it will show what liars those releasing the “polls” from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP, the NYT, and the Washington Post -- really are.

And it will show what super-crooks are those running the easily rigged, secret computer counts in New Hampshire, on Super Tuesday, and beyond – with the FULL cooperation and approval of the traitors and rats running the RNC, and the DNC – which offices have made sure that easily rigged computers were installed in 99% of the 3141 local counties in the USA over the last several decades.

There is no time or space in this ewire to tell every aspect of the election subversion that has been set in place by the enemies of our nation so that they can conquer the USA, they hope, without firing a shot.

A lot is at stake in the 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus – for the Ron Paul Campaign, for Ron Paul’s supporters, -- and for the country.

Has everyone been noticing that Ron Paul wins almost every contest that can be verified – and that he “loses” every match up that cannot be verified? -- (Like the crooked Big TV Network “public opinion” polls, or the August, 2007 Iowa Straw Poll “counted” in secret on Diebold
computers??) -- that canNOT be verified?


The same thing happened to Pat Buchanan in 1996 when he was running for the American people against that Establishment Lady-of-the-Evening, Bob Dole.

I was in Dubuque, Iowa from Jan 17, 1996 until the morning of February 13, 1996. The Iowa Caucuses took place that year on the evening of February 12th. I was working for GOP Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

I watched cable news late each night, and was struck by the fact that ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN all said repeatedly that their polls had Dole at 28% and Buchanan at 12%.

Yet on the ground Buchanan signs were everywhere.
Steve Forbes signs popped up in a very few places, and Dole signs were almost non-existent. Buchanan was attracting 300 people to his appearances even in snow, while Dole could only muster the establishment party hacks and their employees – terrible turnouts.

I went around each day taking my own informal poll, and people almost spit when I asked them what they thought of Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.

I thought to myself, “Can the Networks in New York City really have their fingers on the pulse of the people in Iowa better than those of us on the ground?

THEN IT HAPPENED. Two days before the Iowa Caucus, on February 10, 1996 – ALL four networks said, in effect, this: “Because of the high expenditures on TV ads by Steve Forbes, our polls are no longer reliable. We don’t know what’s going to happen.” (Forbes had been ordered into the race to spend a lot of money on TV ads and muddy the waters, as Dole was clearly not a believable winner in a head on contest with Buchanan, but I

You can read the rest of the incredible goings on in “A House without Doors” – but Ron Paul People take note: THE POLLS ARE BEING FALSIFIED right now in 2011 -- to make it look like Newt Gingrich is “the bandwagon.” I believe Romney’s numbers are also being inflated, as Romney has SO LITTLE support on the ground that he didn’t even compete in the Iowa Straw Poll a few months ago.

More about these phony polls of the Big TV Networks later.


Note well Ron Paul supporters: Buchanan won the early contests that could be verified:

-- Alaska,

-- Louisiana,

-- Buchanan was cheated out of the Iowa Caucus, which is explained in the online article “A House without Doors” (google it), -- in the same way the Ruling Elite plans to cheat Ron Paul out of a victory in the Iowa Caucus in 2012

-- then Buchanan won the then largely
hand-counted New Hampshire primary (but now, in 2012, 80% of NH is counted on easily rigged

-- and THEN, in the easily-rigged 100% computer “counted” states on Super Tuesday and beyond – Buchanan “lost” every primary in 1996 to Bob Dole by “landslide margins”. In these contests in which the public had no way to verify the results, Dole supposedly won every primary by 80% to 20%, 70% to 30%, with the Michigan primary being the closest, 67% to 33% for Dole (HA!).

-- The 1996 Arizona GOP Presidential primary is a story in itself, and most of the Arizona legislature belonged in jail for what they did to cheat Buchanan out of that one. (For the true story of Iowa and Arizona in 1996, see “A House Without Doors” online, published by Chronicles Magazine in November, 1996.)

RON PAUL supporters, NOTE WELL: The same techniques used by the Ruling Elite Shadow Government to cheat Pat Buchanan out of Iowa Caucus victory in 1996 – and to make that Bellhop for the Fortune 500, Bob Dole, the “winner” of the Iowa Caucus and the computer-counted GOP primaries (HA, AGAIN!) -- were used in 2008 against Ron Paul, and are being used RIGHT NOW -- yet again against Ron Paul in 2012.

A lot was at stake – and a lot is at stake.

--- And, in 2008, National Campaign Manager for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, Lew Moore, -- and Iowa Caucus Campaign manager, Drew Ivers, did everything they could to stop and frustrate attempts to verify the TRUE VOTE for Ron Paul in the Iowa Caucus (and everywhere else where a verification was possible). I know. I was there fighting the battle with the other “Vote in Sunshine” people. ---And it was unbelievable – but if I divert into that full sordid story here, it will take us too far afield.

– But I bring this up because the sincere grassroots people may have to work not only against the mainstream media and the RHINOS, but also against Ron Paul’s own paid staff in Iowa.
But, despite all, a fair vote for Ron Paul and everybody else in the 2012 Iowa Caucus – can be achieved by the monitoring plan I will explain below.



In Iowa there are 99 counties. Iowans in the GOP section of the Caucus meet in about 1800 small local gatherings (or about 18 local caucus gatherings per county, on average) – these are the local caucuses. In this year of 2012, approximately1750 local GOP caucuses will meet on January 3, 2012. (In 1996, about 1900 local caucus gatherings met, and so on.)

At each of the 1750 or so local gatherings in 2012, the people will vote for their Presidential choice by a show of hands, OR on paper ballots.

If the vote is taken on paper ballots, then the ballots are then counted in the open, with at least one representative from each Presidential campaign designated to watch the count.

– All in the open. Honest Iowans. Good people. I know. I was there in 1996, and I saw such an above board, honest process at the local caucuses in Dubuque County. Other eye-witnesses from all around the state reported the same experience that night.

So far, so good.

BUT – NOW – AT THIS POINT -- the skullduggery, treason, and election rigging begins AT THE STATE LEVEL.

If no one else is monitoring and adding up the real results in each of the 1750 local Iowa Caucus gatherings – if no other force is providing a CHECK AND BALANCE against the Iowa GOP leadership
-- then the state Iowa GOP, or its surrogate crooks, simply “add up” the 1750 caucuses wrong -- simply falsify the vote in favor of a ruling elite Quack like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Bob Dole – and against a real American populist like Pat Buchanan in 1996 – or Ron Paul in 2012.

Here’s what happens next on the night of the Iowa Presidential Caucus, -- right before the good people of Iowa are going home to bed so they can get up and put in a good day’s work the next day:

Each local caucus then reports their results to the county Party leader in their respective party (Dems to the Dem county leaders, Repubs to the GOP county leaders).

And then each county leader reports the results of each caucus in his county to a central location designated by the crooks running the Iowa State GOP.

* *

In 1996, in order to cheat Buchanan and rig the Iowa Caucus for the totally lackluster establishment hack, Bob Dole (who couldn’t draw a large crowd), -- the Iowa State GOP leaders directed the 99 Iowa county leaders to call in their results to New York City (!!!) to a sinister, anti-American, Ruling Elite organization named Voter News Service, or VNS, -- which story is told in “A House Without Doors” online – google the article, -- and in the book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America”, by late brothers, James and Kenneth Collier.

– In the one county, Dubuque County, we monitored the vote for Buchanan in 1996. We proved by eye-witness reports from the 41 caucus gatherings in Dubuque County, that by the next morning Buchanan and his supported had been cheated out of 13% of the vote he actually received in Dubuque County, which he won by a landslide. (Buchanan actually achieved 870 votes, and Dole was in second places with 339 votes; but Voter News Service in New York City simply subtracted 113 votes from Buchanan, thus cheating him out of 13% of his vote, and this was what the AP wire reported to the world the next morning. The Big Media claimed that Dole won the 1996 Iowa Caucus 26% to 23% for Buchanan. If Buchanan was shorted by an average of only 4% in each of Iowa’s 99 counties, then he, not Dole, won the 1996 Iowa Caucus.

DO YOU SEE THE DANGER RON PAUL FACES IN 2012 IF THE VOTE IS NOT MONITORED AND REPORTED BY a Ron Paul Eye-witness at each of the 1750 local caucus gathering in Iowa?

So, again, in the 1996 Iowa Caucus, Buchanan was cheated by the falsification of the results engineered by the Iowa GOP’s designated crooks, Voter News Service in New York City, and the AP wire which sent the false results out to the nation over the wire services. (While the local Dubuque county chairman, an honest man, tried to get this falsification corrected, we were met with months of stonewalling – and stonewalling to this day – by the Iowa state GOP operatives, and their VNS hatchet men in New York City.

By the way, Voter News Service, now renamed National Election Pool, is and always has been owned by all major TV Networks and AP wire, now in
2012 by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and the AP wire.

Check it out here:
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Votescam makes Watergate look like a church bake-sale.

That’s right, the same Big TV Networks that are putting out all these false polls about Romney and Gingrich being the “front runners” in 2012,

-- are also the same Big TV Networks who put out the TOTALLY phony exit polls via their wholly owned creature, National Election Poll, on the day of each election

-- and are the very same Big TV Networks who work with the four big computer companies (which 99% of the 3141 counties in the USA contract with to run “our” elections each election night) -- to falsify the General Election and primary vote totals WHEN NEED BE TO ACHIEVE THEIR AGENDA.

– The computer “count” in November makes all the phony public opinion polls and all the phony exit polls “come true” – if the Big Media propaganda alone was not enough to stampede the public to “elect” their SELECTED candidate.

-- Example: Leader of the US Senate, Democrat Harry Reid, was losing to Tea Party challenger Sharon Angle up until about 10 PM on election night 2010 in Nevada. Then -- the election computers in Reno and Las Vegas “break down.”
Presto, Harry Reid jumps ahead when the computers come back up – and “wins” the election. (See the eye witness report, “How a Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night” by Christopher Bollyn, in the right hand column of the Home Page at votefraud.org )

To continue and summarize regarding 1996:
Buchanan “lost” the Iowa Caucus by only 3% according to the news media -- meaning that if the Iowa State GOP leadership’s machine cheated him that night out of only an average of 4% of his true vote in each of the 99 counties – then Buchanan, not Dole, won the 1996 Iowa Caucuses.
Again, -- THIS IS THE DANGER FACING RON PAUL in 2012! Do you understand?)


As stated, above, everything is done in the open in the Iowa Presidential Caucuses – and the grassroots people of Iowa do their job honestly at each local caucus, call in their results to wherever the state GOP crooks tell them to call into, and then they go home.

AND THAT IS WHEN THE CHEATING AND IOWA CAUCUS ELECTION RIGGING BEGINS AT THE STATE LEVEL. And – And -- And – I am about to tell SINCERE Ron Paul supporters how to stop it,-- even if they have to work against the Ron Paul paid staff to get it done.

The Iowa Caucus is Ron Paul’s only chance to get a fair count --- IF – IF – IF -- his paid campaign staff will THIS TIME do their job, instead of betray him and all his supporters, and the nation, as they did in 2008.

Let me be specific: (cont)

***** (Network America Ewire Archives from Jan 10, 2000 until now are found here:
[link to lists.topica.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 5660279
United States
12/07/2011 05:05 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
Let me be specific:

The national and Iowa Ron Paul paid staff REFUSED to do what needed to be done to monitor the 2008 Iowa Presidential Caucus count, and thereby checkmate the Iowa State GOP crooks and the Big Media from falsifying the results. They refused to do so even though we in the “Vote in Sunshine”
movement were warning them what they had to do, and telling them exactly what HAD to be done – since August 2007 – 5 months BEFORE the 2008 Iowa Caucus took place on January 3, 2008.

-- They REFUSED to organize and educate Ron Paul monitors for the 1800 or so local caucus gatherings in 2008.

-- They refused to direct the Ron Paul supporters to call in the results they actually saw at their local caucus gathering – to a central Ron Paul phone bank location, such as election headquarters in Des Moines (the logical place).

-- And, finally, they refused to erect a dedicated website where those local caucus results would be reported in real time to the world on the internet – that is, reported to the world on the internet as soon as the results were phoned in by real Ron Paul supporters at each of the local caucus gatherings.

This “check and balance” against the crooked big media would have prevented any falsification of the result for Ron Paul in 2012, just as it would have worked for the Buchanan Campaign in 1996. The only difference is, I was feeling my way back then, and there was no clear, clarion call to the Buchanan campaign far in advance of the Iowa Caucus of 1996, as there was to the Ron Paul paid staff in 2008. And now in 2012.


I don’t know if everyone grasps the total disaster that could befall the evil Ruling Elite behind the FED, Goldman Sachs, and their 5 Big TV Networks if Ron Paul wins big in the Iowa caucuses of 2012.

Their credibility would be badly punctured. The sincere but naïve people concerned about the treason against their nation might actually begin to listen to those of us trying to tell them how to take back their nation.

The main technique of the super-criminals trying to grasp control of more and more of the world in the last century is to PUT THEIR OWN PEOPLE inside our camp, -- and disrupt our efforts FROM WITHIN.

I can’t read Drew Ivers’ or Lew Moore’s heart, but if they weren’t plants to ruin Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, then THEY SURE DID A GOOD IMITATION of what such plants would act like. Same goes for many others (but not all, of course) in the top paid staff of the Ron Paul Campaign in 2008.


Here’s the solution to prevent the falsification of the totals by the Iowa State GOP operatives on the night of the Iowa Presidential Caucus of 2012.

If the Ron Paul Campaign, or their supporters, will – this time:

-- send a representative to EVERY ONE OF THE LOCAL IOWA CAUCUSES – all 1750 or so local gatherings for 2012

-- and then have that eye-witness rep at each local caucus call in the true results, as soon as they are known, to a central Ron Paul phone bank designated specifically for this purpose,

-- and then post these true results from each local caucus immediately that night at a pre-announced website dedicated to this purpose so the world can be alerted as to the REAL VOTE COUNT in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses

– then this will prevent the crooked operatives running the IOWA state GOP from FALSIFYING the results against Ron Paul -- and in favor of Newt Gingrich or one of the other corrupt, established-approved puppets.

LET’S re-emphasize the point:

-- So – is the Ron Paul Iowa Campaign training 1750 Ron Paul supporters, -- even people from out of state if need be – to go to each of the 1750 local caucuses AS OBSERVERS -- with video cameras ideally – witness and, if possible, to record what happens? IF NOT, THERE IS STILL TIME.

-- Is the Ron Paul Iowa Campaign directing those 1750 observers to call into a central phone bank, such as campaign headquarters, with the TRUE results of each caucus as soon as the results are known? IF NOT, THERE IS STILL TIME.

-- AND, has the Ron Paul Iowa Campaign set up a website dedicated to reporting the results of all 1750 local caucus gatherings to the world over the internet on the night of the Iowa Presidential Caucus? IF NOT, THERE IS STILL TIME.


In 2008, the money was all bottled up by Campaign Manager Lew Moore – which is normal for a campaign. BUT, since Lew Moore would not spend a dime to monitor the vote count in Iowa or anywhere else, or to bring up the all-important votescam / vote count issue – we volunteers were left knocking ourselves out with very little money (which we had to raise OUTSIDE THE CAMPAIGN). --- BUT IT WAS WORSE –

All the people Lew Moore hired were opposing monitoring the vote, or were forced to lay low or get fired if they even knew monitoring the vote was an issue and a problem. The opposition we faced at the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11, 2007, and during the lead up to the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2012 – was unbelievable, and too long to go into here.

Please note: Drew Ivers, in 2007-2008 head of the Ron Paul Iowa Caucus effort, was made totally aware of this necessary system to monitor the vote on the night of the Iowa Caucus. He brushed us after a 20 minute pre-arranged phone call, with the officious statement: “I’ve got a campaign to run. Get me 2000 people to the Caucuses and we’ll talk.” This was a few weeks before the Caucus, as we couldn’t recruit supporters who ALSO served as vote count monitors. But Drew Ivers couldn’t get off the phone fast enough and didn’t want to work with anyone trying to monitor the count.

If Ivers is still involved with the Ron Paul effort of 2012 – as I understand he is – what would be his excuse for not setting up this monitoring system this time? He trusts the Iowa State GOP leaders? He’s working with the Iowa State GOP leaders to prevent a fair count for Ron Paul? What?

I have had to leave MANY documentable pieces of information out of this ewire – because it’s too long already. Watch in the days ahead for more on other aspects of the votefraud crisis and issue -- including how the good Ron Paul people in New Hampshire can monitor the vote there, even if the paid Ron Paul staff – again – will oppose doing it, as they did in New Hampshire in 2008.


I’m suspecting there are no plans by the Ron Paul paid staff to do any of this to monitor the vote for the 2012 Iowa caucus.

But, assuming the campaign is doing nothing in this regard again, -- if an independent Ron Paul supporter can put up an independent website – and get a list of the locations of the 1750 Iowa caucus gatherings for the GOP side of the Iowa Caucus, -- then get out the word via email and social networking how everyone can report what they see to this dedicated website on the night of the Iowa Caucus, either by phone or by email – then the day can still be saved.

It may be necessary to list the cell phones of 99 volunteers on this proposed website (one for each
county) who would take calls from Ron Paul supporters at each Caucus in each county on Caucus night, -- or receive emails from each Caucus in each county. Then the TRUE results of each of the 1750 local caucus gatherings could be published on the internet for all the world to see in real time, that night.

(It would be best if the 99 county leaders could identify IN ADVANCE a real Ron Paul supporter who would go to each caucus gatherings in their respective county to act as a vote monitor, so that saboteurs couldn’t make fake calls to warp the effort (this is the way the other side works.)

Such a group of sincere Ron Paul grassroots leaders could probably work with most of the 99 Iowa county leaders who have been appointed by the Ron Paul campaign, as the vast majority must surely be sincere Ron Paul supporters. -- The minute Drew Ivers, John Tate, or anybody else starts to obstruct such an effort, and tries to discourage or intimidate the official campaign county leaders from helping to monitor the vote in each county – then you’ve identified your plants.

If there is no leadership from the paid Ron Paul campaign staff in Iowa, then I would be willing to conduct conference calls with a coalition of sincere Ron Paul supporters in Iowa over the next month to get the vote monitored for the sake of Ron Paul, his supporters, all the rest of us – and for America.

Text me at 513-602-0627, or email me at
votefraud@fuse.net with FAIR COUNT FOR RON PAUL in the subject line, if I can help. (Dear Saboteurs, I have unlimited texting, so your potential harassing texts cost me nothing.)

By the way, the easiest thing would be for John Tate and Jess Benton to rework the wording of this ewire, claim the plan for their own – and put out the word to the existing campaign organization to monitor the vote for the 2012 Iowa Caucus. I couldn’t care less about credit or notoriety – I just want to see Ron Paul win the Iowa Caucuses of 2012.

How about it, John and Jesse?

End of this Network America Ewire

(Corroborating evidence can be found, among many other places, in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy; in the ten minute YouTube Video, “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul”; in the online article,” A House without Doors”, many sources listed on the home page of votefraud.org; in the book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America”
by the Colliers; in the book “Black Box Voting” by Bev Harris, at blackboxvoting.org; at thelandesreport.com for Lynn Landes’s articles on the election fraud issue; in the 1996 article, “Pandora’s Black Box: Did it Really count your vote?” by Dr. Philip O’Halloran linked at the home page of votefraud.org

--- I KNOW I MAY HAVE RAISED AS MANY QUESTIONS AS I’VE ANSWERED -- FOR THOSE NEW TO THIS ISSUE, but I had to try to get the word out, with enough history and proper sense of alarm, and also with the practical plan to save the integrity of the
2012 Iowa Caucus for Ron Paul and everybody else,
-- before it was too late.

Let’s not let the BEST kill the GOOD – if we can’t monitor all 1750 caucus gatherings, let’s do the best we can. The mainstream media and Iowa GOP state leaders won’t know if cover them all, or if we miss this one or that caucus gathering, or not – and that in itself will but a check and balance on any potential attempts to falsify the count. )

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 5660279
United States
12/07/2011 05:06 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
yea its long as fuck. read it anyway. and pass it on. this is our chance. lets not blow it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1548725
United States
12/07/2011 06:02 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
Double O Zero

User ID: 2112421
United States
12/07/2011 06:18 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
I could totally believe this. I used to be in the GOP and all sorts of scams happen all the time.

I also definitely believe something wasn't right with Lew Moore. I met him on several occasions, and he rubbed me the wrong way and ran a terrible effort, top to bottom.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6461800
United States
12/07/2011 06:19 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
I think OP took too much adderall.

User ID: 5746955
United States
12/07/2011 06:20 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
Why doesn't he show up with God if He told him to run for President.
The Silver Singing Saiyan; Israel's Redeemer.
Justice found
It's not me, I am not Him
The Key To Troublesome Peace
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1298524
United States
12/07/2011 06:28 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
I think OP took too much adderall.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6461800

No, I think he took Dammitall. We all should.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 5660279
United States
12/07/2011 06:42 PM
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Re: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus:
I think OP took too much adderall.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6461800

i dont take drugs.

I work for the govt damned

save our country. pass it on.