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The Great Pyramid, Home of the Gods, Pyramid UFO's, CME reveals pyramid shape behind Mercury?

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04/20/2012 02:32 PM
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Re: The Great Pyramid, Home of the Gods, Pyramid UFO's, CME reveals pyramid shape behind Mercury?
How they built the pyramids is the wrong question. The question is what where they really 4. Right from the start u can say alien ships hover over these structures like a landing pad. Not really needed 2 explain my idea. It also talks bout the mony pit on oak island in Canada which is an underground structure the look exactly like a pyramid upside down. Sizes r similar and the have similar vents. Heres my idea:
It is my personal opinion based of facts I gathered that the pyramids n the money pit where alien made power plants. Which leads 2 the point of the ark of the covenant does Carry some type of nucleare weapon the def gives off rendition. I believe these "power" plants, however they were used, where possibly used 2 refill aliens ships using what they had 2 work wit on our planet, in our solar system, in the bigger picture. How can the aliens suck gas from the sun? Through our planet through these b 4 their time on an earth size scale, power plants big structures, where they could minupulate hydradion, suns main energy used, right into their ships battery supply of some sort. Of course the aliens didn't give us all the answer, but they did leave us wit most the questions n a ton of clues for us 2 fill in the blank n use our "alien" like brain 2 think like them n connect the dots. I am not a scientist n do not know if any of this matters, but it def spoke 2 me n I would almost go as far to say I'd put my life on my power plant idea.