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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
can you take mine pls:)

1 april 1984 sydney australia 1:30 pm
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1432649

Friend, you hit a mini jackpot, You are a new moon !

Please read this

By Apollo Illuminaughty

What moon phase were you born in?

[link to stardate.org]

if pre 1950 check here.

[link to tycho.usno.navy.mil]

Whatever phase of the moon you were born in, from new to waxing, to full to waning will reveal things about your karmic destiny this time around and your personality

New Moon people are all about new ideas and new thought patterns towards the future, they are innovative

Waxing people are about nurturing and fulfilling others

Full Moon people are about egoism and being traditional and looking back to the past.

Waning people are those who trim and clean and renovate whats old to make room for the new moon people

I was born under a Full Moon phase.

(Btw, see the yin/yang moon or the yang/yin? This means youre 50/50 and pretty much balanced in all you do).


There is more potency for those born during lunar eclises .


For more spiritual karmic insight, check out this link

[link to www.astrodreamadvisor.com]

Heres mine:

THE FULL MOON phase (181d-225d) can be symbolized by the plant in full flower. This is a period of illumination, of awareness, and of consummation in which the soul-entity will allow the perfected personality to expend all its energies for the sake of its mission. Under this phase, the soul gains perspective.

To find the moon phase on your birthday,

check out this page here

[link to tycho.usno.navy.mil]

Or this one

[link to stardate.org]

Remember that Waning is left side lit, right side dark

Waxing is Right side lit, left side dark.

Every three years there is two full moons in a calendar month !

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