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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This missing capstone is a miss conception.
The illuminati have nothing to do with the capstone of the great pyramid.

All these theory's that are attached to the illuminati and freemasons on there symolism towards this is taken from there point of view only.

The ancients had nothing to do with these people.
The ancient giant race built this monument.
The capstone is an entry point from the grids structure.
The pyramid is an energy convertor and generator.
To give people an idea of it's use...today's nuclear plants are a very crude imitation on what the pyramids purpose was.

Not only did the pyramid attach to the grid but it also was a major point of accees to the rest of the sacred sites in the world. if people do there home work...you will see the correlation between the grid points and the sacred sites on this earth. There all connected without doubt.

It generated energy straight from the energy grid.
The capstone was removed like the rest of the devices inside the pyramid.
They lie deep inside it's structure.
 Quoting: mysterynomore

Had to jump in here,

Yes, our ancestors were ancient aliens with high technology, I know this.

But Im talking of the souls incarnations and its karmic progress, Entirely different subject now

I agree that it was all technological back then

But my subject today is Illuminati Astrology.
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