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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Fuck Zombies
Post Content
Sept 3, 1980
Albuquerque, NM
Also, my wife loves you.

 Quoting: Fuck Zombies 1544142

Hello Friend ! After looking at your chart, Its obvious your destiny was on GLP and other places on the internet looking for answers, (if you are on other forums)

You have that gifted mercury and sun together in virgo which gives you higher intellect than others, Congrats ! Mercury is close to the sun so its always one sign behind, with, or forward from the Sun, but with those having the same sign its higher intellect as a gift. You are smarter than 2/3rds of all people. like being the one/third most intellectual.

Thanks for the reading, think I will let the wife call me APOLLYON tonight

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