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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Missioninvisible
Post Content
Im doing this one now..

Alexandria, VA

March 6, 1982

9:36 PM

we meet again...ha a lot of the same interests. I love reading about the various views of the Illuminati. Media has made them out to be a cult...while (from what I understand) the true illuminati were scientists philosophers and physicists, never claiming to hate God or be a satanic type group.

Signs/symbols are showing up everywhere, in music, themes in movies, storylines and even headlines...we are our own illuminati in a way...the true original group could see God in everything in nature and they were in awe by that sheer fact alone. They knew that humanity was not evolved enough to understand and they didn't even understand it, they just wanted to expose universal laws and truths to humanity in order to help lead them to the light and truth. Until now, as the energies are increasing, man has lacked the capability to join the conscious and subconscious to have them work together towards a better world, but by the Grace of God we are waking up to some very old laws of life :)
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