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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Alesiah
Post Content
Really want you to look this up for me


also this seems related to this and me maybe

 Quoting: Chris 3165865

The date was 8/31/94 in the video..

But I wanted to bring up AGAIN, the topic of Thursday as the Holy Day... Jupiter's Day..

As I said before..JC would have died on Thursday if he were to be resurrected three days later on Sunday, the first day of the week..NOT Friday...so whoever is going to institute a new religion isn't really beginning his own religion but instead setting the story straight, concerning Greco-Romanology...and the Israelite religion.

There were some big differences between the Israelite religion and the Greco-Roman religion...However, during the Roman Empire, the two were force mixed to become one, under the new Christian ruling agents. That's why some puzzle pieces just don't neatly fit..

Thursday would be the day the Roman god was killed..and it hasn't anything to do with the Exodus story or the Hebrew Calendar..
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