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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Zurvan
Post Content
Im doing this one now..

Alexandria, VA

March 6, 1982

9:36 PM

For this one, Nice ! Piscean Sun. Leo Moon Combo. Youre almost a t square, but have some cradle energies, LIke combined. A balance of being focused with goals, but having time to nurture.

Your karmic goal is enlightenment in this lifetime and oneness with the divine.

In a former life you were a martyr for a cause and you were used and had all your energies and life taken from you. This lifetime you are still given the deep empathies, but given a strong moon sign to not let it happen again

I powerful feminine energy will guide you too in this lifetime

[link to i40.tinypic.com]


I was expecting to have some kind of unknown calling revealed to me in a subtle way that I wouldn't understand at first, something that was to influence the current events in my life, but instead of that you are telling me about myself as I already am keenly aware of it.

How it actually mirrors my life at this point is kind of telling me that there might be something to the development of this system over time that gives it some degree of accuracy in foretelling the nature of men as they are individually influenced in development, concomitant with the direction of forces emanating from alignments of major bodies within the galaxy, with the point of live birth marked for reference.

Pisces ruled by Neptune:

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