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Message Subject THE CAPSTONE of the ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Yes, powerful ! Its because you were a t square (like a bow and arrow pointing to a target) AND a Grand Pyramid pointing to Saturn ! Ive never seen this combo before ! Its really awesome, Saturn is your planet of focus in this lifetime, It will help cap your stone. You were born in a time of darkness and will see the world enveloped in darkness again as the reaper harvests the wheat and tares, but you will lead others thru it to survival. Communication is your strong trait as well as a talent to help rebuild

That information about Jupiter alignment was fascinating. Is there a website where you can mess around with dates and alignments?
 Quoting: Missioninvisible

Mission, Ill teach you how, Ill send you a message,

Thanks thats awesome. I have some important dates in my head that keep coming up and I want to check some alignments but I am not educated enough to do them yet! You are so kind to help all of us newbies out :) its exciting to see people start to awaken to a reality they never dreamed of...makes everyday life so much cooler and everything seems new and fascinating, like seeing things in a different way for the first time...had some very very odd sensations this past week (you know some about the DNA theory I have) and its awesome to feel the quickening and your body changing, I had back surgery this past summer and my spine is straightening for the first time in 10 years...pretty cool healing going on :)
 Quoting: Missioninvisible

Carly , Its you ! Youre so lovely ! Yes, Ill send it to you via my blog, and still have to respond to your earlier message . You have so much to offer the world and Id like to equip you with every means possible to help more humanity to ascension. You have the karmic reward to heal yourself and others in this lifetime

Ill also look at the alignments to see the target date of your complete healing and what planets are assisting you in this area

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