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The police are gearing up.

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United States
12/08/2011 10:36 PM
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The police are gearing up.
Just watched "Sons of Guns" on TV and a Louisiana Sheriff thinks he needs a Mark-49 grenade launcher (semi-auto gun that fires grenades) The army even restricts these not to be used in the cities as the grenades can bounce and hit unintended targets. He also needed a belt fed machine gun. They are going well beyond just militarized police they are forming there own military. Also in Louisiana 5 police were recently convicted of using full auto weapons on innocent civilians (see Danziger Bridge shootings) during Katrina they almost got away with it as the state dropped the chargers and the federal government picked it up. I don't believe for one minute they need this for the war on terror. If the government was doing its job in the first place, 911 would not have happened as all the terrorist were here illegally and people were reporting them to the FBI.

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