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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
It also appears that the HCL laws passage has been stepped up. Good new for investors, to say the least. sk

Iraq Energy Commission agrees on need to speed up HCL legislation; Will combine three drafts
Posted: December 5, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
Decide to go the parliamentary energy conducted a combination of drafts of the law of oil and gas

Baghdad, December 5 (Rn) – The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Monday that its members agreed on the need to speed up legislation to the law of oil and gas, indicating that the agreement will ensure progress in combining the drafts of the law out of the draft agreed.

Legislation is still the law of oil and gas in Iraq is the biggest challenge in front of the political forces in spite of oil represents more than 90% of the country’s imports.

The most prominent differences in the law, the agency responsible for the management of oil wealth, while the federal government is trying to keep the central administration in the provinces and see the wealth of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s position is contrary to the Constitution and political agreements.

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