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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

State of Law MP predicts CH VII release in 2012 after US troops depart

Iraq Foreign Relations Committee member confirms US promised to aid Iraq out of CH VII as per framework agreement

Finance Committee Member: Describes the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency; Says important and necessary

UN report: Timid progress in Baghdad out of Chapter VII
Claims for the intervention of the university out of the Chapter VII

Alwani: Any agreement expect the government has no meaning unless it comes out of Iraq from Chapter VII

Muhammad Iqbal: the need to give assurances to the reserving States on past practices to emerge from Chapter VII

Othman and Maliki discuss Iraq out of Chapter VII when he visits Washington

Maliki: Iraq seeking to establish relations of friendship and cooperation with all countries of the world

CBI: One of Iraq’s debt will be settled in full as soon as approved

IMF chief calls for ‘inclusive’ growth in the Arab world
IBN: Iraq Improves Rank in Corruption Index

Iraq’s Pres. Najafi congratulates the new Prime Minister of Kuwait

The country’s budget for next year $100B; A deficit of $14B. Details of the largest budget for Iraq since the founding of the modern Iraqi state in 1921

Sistani’s representative confirms the importance of the return of Iraq to the Arab environment after withdrawal

State of Law bloc welcomes Allawi’s Bid of Reconciliation

Source: Agreement of Iraq and the United States immunity trained Americans

Susan Saad: Iraq’s dependence on oil would lead to “economic disaster” in the country

State of Law MP suggests resolving of security ministries will be next year

U.S. military: We are committed schedule of withdrawal from Iraq with only a 7,500-

Industrialists protest in Tahrir Square to demand their sector and activating the work of customs tariff

Hamdiya dry: We seek to raise the capital of the Bank (TPI) trillion dinars and to increase its branches internally and externally

Securities of Representatives calls for the speedy enactment of a law regulating its work

International Union for the business calls for the involvement of the private sector with a year in the country’s economic development

Four banks on the brink of bankruptcy; Due to corruption

The delegation of the Kurdistan Region shall be a number of meetings in the United States of America
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