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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
Under the original 13th amendment to the constitution, lawyers and judges cannot hold office. Do to the oath that they take when entering the bar. The 13th amendment that most think is in the constitution along with the other amendments that follow it have never been properly ratified. They are null and void.

Lincoln adjourned congress sin die at he beginning of the civil war and a proper congress has not been in session since. What we see today is a defacto version of congress.

You can find copies of the original 13th amendment on line. I have a certified copy from the Clerk of court records from the state of Colorado. The civil war was not about slavery as many belief but about states rights vs. federal intervention. Which lead to the southern states wanting to withdraw from the union. Which as sovereign states they should have been able to do. Are you a sovereign, try withdrawing from being a citizen of the United States Corporation. lol
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