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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

“In view of potential progress between Iraq and Kuwait” UN Sec General will recommend extension of financing for UN High Level Coordinator
Iraqi List MP calls for international community to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Source: Maliki will appoint Yasiri as Minister of Interior upon his return from Washington
President Najafi and Arab League leader discuss leagues role to aid Iraq out of CH VII
Kurds must decide to stay or leave says Iraq oil minister
Iraq Oil-The Forum: Q&A with Iraq Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luaybi on Status of HCL
Draft of Oil and Gas Law on revenues for Kurdistan Region
CBI confirms that it still lags behind in its financial management
Adoption of financial analysis to the control of performance and behavior of banks
UNAMI: Iraq and Kuwait had made little progress; Need for more efforts
Minister of Planning meets Director General of the World Organization of Intellectual Property
Iraqi Minister of Planning meets the Secretary General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva
Ministry calls for U.N. support; No need for funds but planning and development
Parliament will reconvene Sunday
Iraqi White Bloc demands GOI sue Kuwait over Port Mubarak
Deputy for Iraq List: Reconciliation between Allawi and Maliki is conditional on implementation of Erbil agreement
Total eclipse of the moon set for Saturday in Baghdad
Communications Minister announces Basra closely linking Iraq to the world through the cables freely
Washington confirms 15,000 staff members will occupy embassy in Baghdad
Ban Ki-moon appointed Hungarian Gyorgy Posten as Deputy Special Representative in Iraq
Iraqi List deputy calls for Maliki to demand US pay 2003 Iraqi compensation during his visit to Washington
Kurdish Representative labels Maliki re-election legal
Baghdad is preparing to rebuild most of the suburbs
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