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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Posted Today, 05:14 PM
Continues …read more .. Here's the second part of the post...

He Jubouri the next biennium will see a different direction with the central bank to make Aldenarabraghi equal to the dollar by pumping amounts Okbermn dollar and sell it at auction project to delete Alocefaralthelat of the Iraqi currency being makes the size of the Iraqi currency Bakdralamlh the U.S., and continued: Therefore, the citizen and the Altagralaraca does not need to replace his money to Atarand buy a commodity or a car or Other, confirming that the draft deleted Alasfaralthelat of currency “based”, and issued its decision, irreversible and started his first steps will be implemented during the next biennium from now.

and Zkredo the Finance Committee that the Central Bank of Iraq will continue its policy to support Aldenarabraghi, expected next year will remain the Iraqi dinar conservative on the price front Aldolarralomirka. Earlier, Eliminated Edwalganh financial and parliamentary MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Najiba Najib increase Sarraldenaralaraca against the Dollar over the next year as a result of the Iraqi economy is still dependent on oil revenues annually. said Najib in an earlier statement (of the Agency news):

I expect during the year (2012) retained Aldenarabraghi its price against the dollar but did not increase its value the fact that Iraq continues its economy unilaterally dependent on oil Baaradath annual.

The answer: If the government wants the federal and relevant state of Iraq to make Aldenarabraghi strong toward foreign currencies, it should consider how to strengthen the Iraqi economy and its diversity through the activation of all economic sectors in the country.

[link to www.sotaliraq...6#ixzz1gFqFr9HG]

[BondLady] now ill grab u the translations
[BondLady] sarraaldenaralaraca = iraqi dinar will equal to usd
[BondLady] dinaromam = iqd against dollar
[BondLady] maharidl = sign
[BondLady] dinaraluahd = one dinar
[BondLady] aldenarbarghi = irqai dinar
[BondLady] edwalganh= member of committe
[BondLady] delete alocefaraalthelat = delete the three zeros
[BondLady] baaradath = income
[BondLady] ty delta for those

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com...]

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
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