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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Posted Today, 07:54 AM
December 12th, 2011 07:06 am Haitham al-Jubouri: There are indications that the Iraqi dinar is confirmed, the dollar during the next two years Baghdad – and babysit -

Most likely a member of the Finance Committee and the National Alliance MP Haitham Jubouri price equal to the Iraqi dinar against the dollar over the next two years after the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency.

Jubouri said that “the trend that the Central Bank of Iraq’s retention rate of the dinar against the dollar during the current period, this index indicates that monetary policy in Iraq is able to make the Iraqi dinar is equal to the dollar” offset any dinar per one dollar.

He pointed to: that this was retained by selling huge amounts of dollars at auction, and inject them into some other Iraqi banks to control the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
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