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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

GOI pays Kurds $427 million as part of deal to solve oil conflict
Mayahi: Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary discussed with Shabibi to delete the zeros from the currency
Parliamentary looking economy with the Governor of the Central Bank project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency
Mayahi: Parliamentary Committee and CBI are discussing the deletion of zeros from the currency
Najaf Investment announces the withdrawal of five leaves of investment to comply with the no investment
Member of Baghdad Chamber of Commerce calls for the establishment of a commercial control center for investors
Expert: the stock market need to be a law regulating its work .. And increase the stock indicates that the growth of the Iraqi economy
Economic adviser to Maliki: the process of economic reform requires the government directed banks towards lending to private banks
20 economic fairs in Iraq in 2012
U.S. Embassy promises business in Iraq
CBI Daily Currency Auction Dec 13 2011: $149 million
Susan Saad: Prime Ministerís visit to Washington is important for policy-making investment between the two countries
Nujaifi promises vote on oil law next week
Iraq to grow faster than India and China: Obama
The Iraqi market and the poor of imported goods and their impact on consumer
Hanan al: Withdrawal pave the way for the U.S. remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Najafi acknowledges the existence of political differences prevent the adoption of the law of oil and gas
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