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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content
Posted Today, 04:55 PM
Message From Phoenix

Message From Phoenix ~ Sunday, December 18, 2011 … Related articles ~ Baghdad airport security authorities prevented al Hashimi and seven companions travel …
No Oil Law, No Budget: Allawi’s Iraqi List Boycotts As Parliament is preparing to discuss a series of important laws, Oil and Gas Law and Budget
Oct. 2011 Watch ~ Iraqi PM Maliki : 615 Detained in anti-Baathist sweep …
December 18, 2011

Message from Phoenix:

As you can see in this article Iraqi Vice President Hashemi (member of the Iraqi List which is Allawi’s party) has had an arrest warrant put forward for his arrest for terrorist acts within the nation of Iraq.
Many will remember that it was Hassemi in the past that vetoed important laws about the election and who has attempted in the past to stop all forward progress in Iraq at all cost.

Last week we had a terrorist car bombing in the Green Zone and the car bomb was directed at and intended to kill the Prime Minister of Iraq, Malaki.
After investigation it was discovered the car used in the attack was owned by a prominent Iraq political leader in a high position of government. The car bomb was owned by one of the bodyguards of this political leader and now it appears that the plan to kill Prime Minister Malaki was hatched by the Iraqi List (Allawi’s party) and they have been caught.
Arrest have been made and warrants have been issued for more arrest.
Some will remember that Allawi who is head of this group that just attempted to assassinate the Prime Minister of Iraq was a former Bathist Party member who worked as an assassin for Saddam Hussain!
Allawi was one of Saddam’s closest friends before he (Allawi) was caught trying to hatch a plan to assassinate Saddam to take his position from him as dictator of Iraq. After being caught by Saddam for the assassination attempt Allawi fled for his life to London where he started to work for the CIA.
Most of the political delays over the past 2 years in Iraq have been because of the disruptions caused by the Iraqi List.
Also Hashemi was the party leader in Iraq of the “Muslim Brotherhood” until they changed the party name in 2009 but the party remained but just under a new name.
If you are not aware it is the same “Muslim Brotherhood” that has torn down all of the governments in the Middle East over the past year by assassination and violent overthrow.
So what we have just seen was an attempt of the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the government of Iraq from within by assassination and all done from within the cover of the Iraqi List.
This situation will be taken care of and needed to be taken care of and I expect as soon as these corrupt persons from the Iraqi List (Muslim Brotherhood) are arrested and removed from power we will see quick forward movement in the nation of Iraq.
The truth shall prevail and evil will not be allowed to succeed.

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
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