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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

CBI: the return of the dollar exchange rate to what it was
Central Bank of Iraq to provide unified ATM services
PBS Newshour (Video): Does Maliki Want to Become Unchallenged Ruler of Iraq?
ISX: trading volume during the week amounted to 3 billion and 800 million dinars
Adviser to Maliki: U.S. companies invested will enter Iraq early 2012
Iraq’s Maliki urges Kurds to hand over VP; Biden calls on leaders to work out disputes
CBI Treasury Bill Auction Dec 20, 2011
CBI Daily Currency Auction Dec 21 2011: $249.5 million
Ban Ki-moon calls on political leaders to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve differences
Iraqi List is highly critical of Maliki’s comments and seeks a no-confidence vote for his government
Biden calls for Maliki to sit down with leaders of political blocs to resolve the crisis
Maliki: There are no U.S. troops on Iraqi territory
Adeeb: Iraq should regain its history and treasures after the U.S. withdrawal
Baghdad to build American university
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