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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
Todays new headlines.

President Jaafari, UN Representative Kubler: Must save Iraq from Chapter VII
U.S. report: Obama does not intend to return its troops to Iraq even if a civil war
Spokesman: House of Representatives may come back during its next two days
Iraq List is meeting with a delegation of the National Alliance was a positive agreement to continue the dialogue for resolving the outstanding issues
Talabani in contact with the Arab League: It was agreed to calm the situation and are moving towards finding a solution fast
President Talabani receives phone call from Secretary-General of the Arab League; Discusses political situation
Sadrist movement MP: Maliki needs to to speed up decision on security ministries to end the dispute between the “state law” and “Iraqi List”.
More foreign companies flock to Kurdistan Region
Decline in the Iraqi dinar after the U.S. withdrawal
Specialists emphasize the importance of the work divided in the national banks; CBI is considering technical telephone banks
Rubaie: the investment process complain of red tape and the allocation of land and the absence of foreign investors
Resan: Necessary to see the need to apply the laws in support of the Iraqi economy at the moment
Iraq buys cargo ship to be named “Baghdad” at a cost of $14 million
CBI Daily Currency Auction Dec 25, 2011: $293.9 million
Resan: you must apply the law of the customs tariff to support the local product because most goods in the market quality is not good
Kansas City Star: Dysfunctional banking sector helps keep Iraq in economic shambles
Kuwait decided to facilitate the procedures for the entry of Iraqi merchants in order to expand trade between the two countries
Parliament economic committee member calls for the application of tariff law
Economist predicts lower inflation rates; Says large amounts of cash pumping into economy
ISX will reopen Jan 1st 2012 after closing 2011 on high notes
Source says Iraqi political leaders will be next week
Ban Ki-moon: The withdrawal of US forces will give Iraq’s leaders a chance to show their abilities in running the country
UN Sec-General’s Representative in Iraq calls for Iraq’s Leaders to shoulder their responsibilities to stop violence
Merry Christmas from Just Hopin and The Currency Newshound
White House condemned the attacks and says it will not stop Iraq’s progress
Arab League condemns bombings in Baghdad and warns of setback to the political process in Iraq
British newspapers accused Maliki’s playing with fire and dictatorship will lead to the dismemberment of Iraq
Italy expresses concern about what is happening in Iraq, but confident in the possibility of a return to normal
Iraq’s leaders cancel Friday’s ;emergency meeting; Washington invite political leaders to unify
IRAN: Lopping Off Zeros From National Currency Under Study

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