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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
Post Content

Kuwait News Agency: Kuwait, Iraq discuss relations, official visit
Source: Biden to arrive in Baghdad tomorrow in an unannounced visit
Maliki received an invitation from the Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit his country
Iraq begins to prepare his first report on transparency in the oil industry
Iraqi lawmaker: be careful not to strain the relationship between Arbil and Baghdad due to file-Hashemi
Dabbagh: objections to the International Monetary Fund reduced the size of the budget of 112 billion to $100 billion
Kuwait is ready to resolve “all outstanding issues” with Iraq
Kurdistan Parliament held a session today hosted the Minister of Finance Government of the Region
Legal Committee: Maliki does not have authority to dismissal of the ministers of absent employees and the law of the state does not apply to them
Major economic events in Iraq in 2011
Association of private banks calls for the federal government to support private banks
Baghdad: Kuwaiti debt unrelated to file out of Iraq from Chapter VII
CBI Daily Currency Auction Dec 26, 2011: $283.1 million
CBI is the rise of the dollar bubble
CBI: The decision to raise zeros from the currency maker .. and it needs to field work
CBI announces to facilitate the payment system and instruments
PM Maliki Press Release: Prime Minister Maliki received a phone call from Prime Minister of Kuwait
Kuwait calls Iraqi PM; Declares his country’s readiness to resolve outstanding issues
Registration Act Aeetmashy companies with a free economy
Talabani: We look forward to heal the rift between the political forces in the new year
Political agreements “secret” will be announced during a meeting of leaders next
USA Today: Biden makes holiday calls to Iraq leaders
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