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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle Renegade (Me too)
Post Content
Listening to Kap and Enorrste's call, and they kind of tied it all together. We've seen three big pieces of information come out over the last 3-4 days that, I think, tells us where we are going with this thing.

1. Sorry, I can't find the article, but they read an article about a signing that took place on Sunday that creates this "facilitator" that I mentioned a while back. The facilitator is the market maker for the dinar once it goes international. Speculation is that this will be some kind of offshoot of DinarTrade, or a new organization created by the DinarTrade people.

2. The article I posted a couple day ago confirms that it will be a free float along with a few other Arab countries in what's referred to as a "floating orbit of exchange." This is most likely a precursor to the common GCC currency that has been talked about for years.

3. The big article that stated Iraq will become "a bank" to rescue the bankrupt economies of the US and EU. The point being, this is confirmation that the speculation that Iraq was going to be used to blow the global economic bubble up one more time was correct.

So, it looks like something is going to pop in the very near future, because the market is going to frontrun this news that a contract has been signed to float the dinar internationally, and I would imagine speculation is at the highest it's ever been, considering all the above great news, and the conjunction of Talabani being back in Iraq, ostensibly to finalize power-sharing, Erbil, HCL, etc. and Maliki being in New York to finalize Iraq's removal from Ch7.
 Quoting: ReVbo™

I love it when this thread pops up. Keep the good news coming.
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