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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Whatcha thinin' ReVbo?
 Quoting: calin

I guess it depends on this National Meeting that's supposed to happen next week. I don't see Shabibi pulling any triggers with the politics so close to being worked out. I guess we just wait and see if it actually happens next week.

I got into a semi fight at DV over that last night. I expect people to be obnoxious jerks here. It's part of what makes GLP what it is. I just don't understand why people want to be like that over there, though. It seems to me, if you're that down on this thing, just forget about it, man.
 Quoting: ReVbo™

We love you over here ReVbo! You can say anything you want!

No worries! People are stressed out these days.
 Quoting: calin

Thanks, and I know what you mean. That's why I try to keep this so positive, even if I'm negative about pretty much everything else going on in the world. Yeah, I'm probably overly optimistic, but I know, if this thing doesn't go down, this world has, at most, 3-6 months before utter chaos. This might not even be enough to stop it from happening, and even if it does, it's only temporary. I look at RV as our escape hatch. I've got other preparations made, of course (I am a GLPer, after all), but we're heading for some dark times. Might as well grab a little sunshine where we can find it.
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