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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle calin
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Gonna be alright, Calin. hf

In a joint press conference, President Talabani said, "I am optimistic, and now more optimistic; because I noticed in the first contacts that there a positive atmosphere in the Kurdistan region, as well as in my meetings with the Prime Minister, however brother Mr. Jaafari, however delegation of Ammar al-Hakim and set brothers virtuous him.

He added Talabani I feel that there is a tendency to solve problems, cooperation and coordination between all actors on the stage, and before that I in any plan, or process Sahaor some Muslim Brotherhood who trust them, first and foremost, Mr. Jaafari, then in Kurdistan with the leaders of the two parties, and in Baghdad with Mr. Ammar , and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and with the heads of other political blocs - sha God - Venhaol to find a way to resolve to be a comprehensive solution, or to make it a vocabulary.

"It is important that we make every effort; resolve existing problems, and for a strong united Iraq played a historical role in the region, but will benefit people of enormous wealth, and vast.

But Jaafari has said that what you prefer president hit the nail on the head. We now need to action steps on the ground, there leaves many wrote, and initiated by Mr. President of the Republic at the time, wrote a point known paper with eight points, then the National Alliance further to paper Arbil First, paper Erbil second. Papers were all revolve around specific points collected Iraq's keenness on building, and the existing ward off evil.

And went on Jaafari, "We now need to activate, and the demarcation of practical steps to move, and prefer it that we will hold bilateral meetings and in mass I think we out, we will have taken a step on the ground, and we collect - God willing - and I share his optimism, and hope it, and his efforts, and his status When the rest of the political forces that overcome these problems, and I hope symbols and personalities in all the entities that make carefree Iraq ahead of other concerns. / End [link to ]


Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
 Quoting: ReVbo™

I hope you are right! ;)

Now... what's next???
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