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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
Interesting articles.

Some of the articles on the old thread clearly spelled out the agreement between the US and Iraq and who know possibly other players that the US would exchange it dinar for oil at a set price in the thirty plus dollar range, and I would assume the US government would be the one keeping all our cashed in dinar. This make a revalue for Iraq almost painless will enriching the US coffers, by receiving cheap oil that it can resell at a higher rate. So not only do they make money off the rv itself but off the increase in the oil price. Sweet deal for them and it works well for Iraq also. We are close, how close is anyone guess, but I would imagine they will want to get it done before the new budget for next year. The sooner they do it the easier it will be to make the necessary adjustments to contracts and wages, so I don't see them waiting till the last minute. sk
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