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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
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Look, y'all! They actually finished something! The electoral commission is now set, so at least Maliki won't be able to steal the next election.

Parliament decides the appointment of an agent of the Christian component of Turkmen ninth Commissioner of the Board of the Electoral Commission

Published on Thursday, 27 September / September 2012 10:52 | Written by: Rasan | | | Hits: 39

BAGHDAD / With: Iraqi Council of Representatives approved the appointment of an agent for the ninth Commissioner Khan full-Bayati, of the Christian component.
A parliamentary source said that: "The House of Representatives approved that there be an agent for the ninth Commissioner (Khan full-Bayati) selected five day session of parliament, which represents the component of Turkmenistan."
In turn, the MP for the list of the People Chaldean Alseryany Assyrian (Luis Caro) that "granting of the Christian community as Under Secretary of the High Turkmen in the Electoral Commission for elections."
Parliament voted at today's meeting on the Turkmen Front candidate Khan Kamal al-Bayati, for the position of Commissioner ninth in the Electoral Commission for elections. "
Turn Prime Turkmen Front Arshad Salhi said "candidate Turkmen represent all minorities and defend them vigorously, including Christians."
"The Christians, if they do not get a seat on the Commission, the candidate Turkmen defend them strongly and deserved."
Prior to the Council that the voice of the seventh th of Sept. approve the 8 candidates of the major political blocs to fill the membership of the Board of Commissioners Electoral Commission for elections, and an event that disagreement between the House of Representatives on the character of the candidate ninth on minorities.
The news agency and the future has been revealed earlier in the most prominent names of candidates for membership of the Board of Commissioners, including Ms. Khan full-Bayati and a number of other members of the new council. (Finished)
Zia Sharifi
[link to www.mustakbal...-09-27-10-52-59]

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
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