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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
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Expert: the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar will fall more in the coming days by the actions of the Central Bank of effective

30.9.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) Chief Economist Majid picture, that the U.S. dollar in freefall and Sesawe Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the next few days, praising measures the central bank "successful" to reduce the dinar exchange rate against the dollar. said Suri (of the Agency news) today Sunday: One of the important factors for the high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar in the summer months the past is the high demand and tight supply and exploitation of banking companies for citizens to raise the price of the dollar, prompting the central bank to increase supply in the currency auction. added: that the success of actions the central bank to reduce dollar against the dinar would make dollar equals Iraqi dinar per the next few days. confirmed the picture: the decline of the dollar was limited only to demand cash and not remittances, noting that the transfer obtained by the merchant through banks and banking companies circulated at the official rate, The cash demand by citizens through banking offices fell to its dependence on the supply and demand factor.

Read more: [link to dinarvets.com]
 Quoting: ReVbo™

Well sounds like were gaining ground. (Bolded Part)And in first reading it would seem to say 1 to 1 but after reading a couple of times more, I think it just means there will be an ajustment
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