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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle seeker2
Post Content
You guys do realize that most of these Dinar pushers are under arrest, right?

All hell broke lose, and the Feds are going after them, AS WE SPEAK..

Its been realllly quite for a reason. Im guessing, 2-3 people are actually playing the internet persona of 10 differant people, or EXPERTS, if you want to call them that..

I would just shut this thread down, its not going anywhere, its a scam..

Reprint on the way, well, reprint is complete, so the dinar you hold, is garbage paper. Just sayin,..

If i were you, cash in now, O, wait, you cant, because its not real money, unless your In Iraq..

Hye, dont get me wrong, I have a few notes, and I could use a 1 to 1, but not looking good folks..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13968314

You do realize that most of them are not in jail do to selling Iraqi dinar, but for selling securities that may be bogus or with out a license to do so. Still up in the air. But the dinar would not seem to be the issue. sk
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