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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Enorrste's response to Kaperoni's post:

Thanks, KAP, for a well presented summary of our current situation. I

agree with you 100% on your analysis. Along with the rest of you I

remain concerned about how much influence Maliki has or will have in

restraining Shabibi. However, given the fact that Shabibi has been

astute enough to enlist the support of the entire Parliament plus most

of the influential economists in the country prior to his "going

public" with these various conferences, it seems to me that he is

determined to move ahead with or without GOI approval.

It is also clear that Shabibi does not have the GOI behind him at this

point. This is evident in that he has set back the "remove the three

zeros" and the introduction of the new currency until at least 2014.

However, as we have stated in prior calls, the changing of the rate is

still in play and can occur at any time. Once he releases the

currency to float freely in the market, which is entirely his right to

do, Maliki will have no control over the rise in the value of the IQD.

And for us, that is all that matters. Once the rate is released we

need no longer concern ourselves with the petty rivalries within the

country itself. We must keep this in mind and keep our focus on the

rate change only. Everything else is just politics.

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