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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
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"Near future" is kind of a new one for them. It sounds like it means something better than "coming days" but who ever knows with these people? I'm just taking it as confirmation that our investment will appreciate and, since he seems to be talking about the current dinar, and not some future dinar yet to be printed, that they aren't planning an l-word.

Incidentally, if you type the l-word now, GLP tells you "you suck." chuckle

Central likely rebound soon dinar

CBI likely improve the Iraqi dinar against foreign currency in the near future. The deputy governor appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that the development of the Iraqi dinar began improving in front of the international currency difficult and will improve more during the next few as a result of increased oil production, which Seder substantial financial resources of hard currency, making the country away from the global economic crisis and Saleh pointed out that the inverse relationship between the dollar and gold, when rising dollar lowers the value of gold and vice versa, stressing that the global crisis that hit Europe and America has made the demand for gold is increasing for adoption buffer stock of wealth preservation led to an increase in its price in the world markets with the devaluation of the dollar. He added that some countries when you see the unstable situation of the dollar in trading world they sheltering other alternatives and يتحوطون them are either gold or oil or food viable storage, pointing out that the gold the best alternative to the dollar to maintain the global wealth in the same context confirmed member of the House of Representatives Najiba Najib that the process of smuggling money abroad violating regulations and instructions issued by the Central Bank had a negative impact on the national economy. Najib said the smuggling operation funds reflected the increase in the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar which affects the country's economy She said Iraq's economy is still economical ريعيا depends 93% on oil, which is sold in dollars, as well as the fact that imports are in hard currency, and these factors played a major role in the exit of hard currency from the country, as well as the fact that a country's political, economic and security has big role in currency smuggling out of Iraq. She pointed out that Iraq's geographical location next to Syria and Iran and what is happening in the region has had a clear influence in the exit of foreign currency abroad, especially since these two countries are suffering from the siege internationalist and a shortage of hard currency resources. Finished / 2

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