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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Discussed a workshop organized by the Office of the representatives of the Iraqi parliament in the province of Maysan on the mechanism of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency was attended by representatives of Maysan MPs Mohammed Saadoun Chihod Rafi Abd al-Jabbar Noshi and professors from the University of Maysan and bank managers and specialists affairs and financial arithmetic and Mmmthelo civil society organizations in the province.

He Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Maysan Dr. Fadhel punitive's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) was axis to indicate a deletion of zeros between pro and exhibitions have been put forward ideas from both sides., A positive action must be done by the state after a period became the signs of improvement of economic Iraqi and also the process of deletion of zeros to a complete change, but constitute a psychological, economic and easy to handle in cash and remain the Iraqi dinar doomed economically sectors that support within the Iraqi economy. apprehensive state of Iraq when it comes out of the item Alsba to Aabdi economic well but as a measure to have been affected when, not Iraq only country , who intends to delete the zeros its currency, but there are countries, including Sudan changed its currency and deleted from the Sudanese pound zeros.'m with the deletion of zeros, but there should be strong measures and strict in the process of replacing the zeros and to develop procedures for the replacement process and not rush out of fear of the process of money laundering. For his part, MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that economic reforms must be along the lines of political reform, one of the requirements of the current stage and economics Iraq now need to reform and placed the deletion of zeros is one of the economic reforms that elevate the Iraqi economy to the level of our ambitions, but Multi deleted zeros do more harm than good at this stage, where the challenges facing the country, including the economic and fear of corruption and fraud, not to mention not to strengthen the Iraqi dinar after the deletion of zeros we are with the process of deletion of zeros, but not in this difficult journey.

The first step in the economic reforms that preceded the reforms within the Central Bank of Iraq and the relationship of the central bank in charge of fiscal policy, which is under the Iraqi constitution. Within exclusive powers of the federal government is making fiscal policy of the Iraqi state at the time says he independently and far from the government and this is a problem and can not carry out the deletion of zeros under the political pressure and security challenges large. This big mistake must approve the deletion of zeros is everyone's participation in policy-making Economic by the Iraqi parliament and the Central Bank of Iraq and can not be of the Iraqi Central Bank to be alone with the process of deletion of zeros without Iraqi parliament is responsible for economic policy and financial of the country.

[link to translate.google.com]

What I get from this article is another confirmation of a float coming. This MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod says they are for the deletion of zeros but not all at one time. In other words gradually -meaning float. He uses reasons again like the GOI said in the past like fear of corruption and fraud as reasons to not move forward. So what we are seeing here is exactly what we predicted. Postponement of the "over night" event, less problems in Iraq, fewer security challenges, etc. and a new course of action which will be a gradual rise in the value of dinar over time (which we have seen other MPs call for the CBI to begin). Then, when they feel it is appropriate, they will bring out an all new currency in Iraq, and officially announce "deletion of 3 zeros complete" which will enact the financial contractual law changing all accounting records. None of that applies to us as all we care about is the rise in value which appears to be about to begin. This is a good article for us...adds more confirmation to float, and it should start soon so they can achieve the goals of a 1 to $1 or higher by sometime middle of next year.

This is a very good article. References to 'multi deleted zeros do more harm than good at this stage' is a clear example of saying raise one at a time. Confirming Kap's theory of a float.

It is very possible to have it 1 to $1 by the beginning of 2013, but we must be realistic if the plan is to free float the dinar. It could take 90-180 days to get to that level. When I look at articles from MP Haitham al-Jubouri calling for "delete 3 zeros" in July 2013 I get the feeling he expects the rate to be at least 1 to $1 by then. Therefore, the event in July is nothing more than new currency swap and an official declaration (which puts the financial/accounting law in place). That is substantiated by his insistence in recent days to ask the CBI to raise the value (begin the float).

Of course the CBI has clearly stated that they can only impliment this law at the first of a year so we will have to see.

In regard to the testing.... I have indirectly heard that it is complete. I have no confirmation. That being said, that does not mean it will start rising in value on the 15th. I do think it makes sense to start very soon, I just do not know when.

I am just trying to keep it real...we may have to wait a bit more than a few months to realize the rate we want. Let's hope that the CBI starts yes this month with this plan, and by Jan 1, 2013 the rate is high.
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