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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
10-17-2012 Phoenix3333 The allegations about Shabibi are real. Mr. Shabibi has been heavy into the IMF for a long time, heavy into the World Banks, he is an economic heavy weight. Maliki and Talabani met with heads from the Obama Administration, big meetings regarding the CBI, the currency & the next thing we know Shabibi has been removed & replaced. The IMF are bankers, it doesn't care about the people, it wants to know that they can get their money back. What if the IMF wanted Iraq to be so far under that they had to take out loans from the IMF. Who better to become their debtor & repay loans than Iraq with all of their wealth. So, why doesn't Iraq revalue their currency? When? What if Iraq wants their wealth back and the man put in place says no. Maybe Mr. IMF was in control there, & has now been removed. Do I think they will move forward quickly? Yes, I do.

10-17-2012 8Ball Article: "Cabinet approved the recommendations of the dinar exchange rate fluctuations and the formation of a committee to review the previous sales in auction" with all the articles about Shabibi and now a cabinet approved law to do with the rate of exchange...I'm good. Now Talibani has to approve before it goes to the gazette.

Read more: [link to www.dinarguru.com]

Ali Agha of DinarTrade:
Its appears that Shabibi is the one causing all of the delays with the currency by pushing for the redenomination for the last three years. In my opinion, maybe he was trying to hide the fact of his corruption.

[link to www.facebook.com]
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