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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
I'm just gonna put this out there, but again, I don't have a freakin' clue what's going on here.

Shabibi doesn't seem too upset by what's happened to him. This, along with Saleh's lackluster defense, the complete lack of response from the major players in Iraq and our own administration, and the World Bank, a couple days ago, saying, basically, "We like Shabibi, but if you're going to replace him, just be careful about it," makes one wonder if everybody in Iraq, and outside Iraq, is not on board with this new turn of events.

ReVbo, the more I read the more I am thinking that Shab's was holding things up. It kinda makes sense.....look at all the opportunities that Shabibi has had to pull the trigger and didn't, makes you wonder. I've been reading a lot of different opinions and the ones that say Shab's has been on the take and holding things up could be possible. I've read also that Shab's did not want to RV, he wanted to L-word, maybe his deciding to float was merely a compromise on his part. Seems "they" are saying that Maliki has been stalling Shab's plan because he and his crew wanted a straight up RV, and the reason Shab's is gone is because they wanted someone in that position who would implement an RV. Who really knows? Why would it be impossible to believe that Shab's could be a GREAT CON man and had everyone fooled into thinking he was the good guy? Con men can do that you know.....there are crooks everywhere, especially in positions where they are making butt loads of cash as long as they keep stalling instead of pulling the trigger on a RV. I'm just saying.....no one personally knows Shabibi on these sites, all we see is the news articles that come out of Iraq and we form an opinion of a person, as to what kind of person he is, by what we read.

Only time will reveal the truth.

Well said, Tripp. As usual, I have no idea what's really going on here, and try to take it all in, and make an educated guess based on what I know of the various actors' motivations, because follow-the-money is the best advice I ever got. That said, we often don't know what the various actors' motivations are, so we speculate even further.

I've never fully trusted Shabibi, even though he seems like a likeable guy, but then again, so does Ben Bernanke, and I don't trust him with his Quantitative Easing any farther than I can throw him. Shabibi, as Palladium mentioned in another thread, is from the same club.

How long it takes the powers that be in Iraq, and the UN/US, to respond, and of course, what their response is, if any, to this will be very telling, but so far, I've seen nada from anybody who matters, and in government, silence equals tacit approval. I could be proven wrong in 5 minutes, but as it stands at the moment, for such a big development, they're taking their sweet time.

Shabibi-as-L-word-guy-in-Chief has been a theme for a long time by those in the Dinar community who have been vilified as actually pulling for an l-word. Whether they were right or wrong, I'm starting to see that they may not have been as ill-intentioned as a lot of us thought.

I still believe Maliki to be a power hungry dictator wannabe, but there aren't many decent human beings in the Iraqi government (Case in point: Sadr's crew murdered lots of Americans, and as soon as he's on our side against Maliki, we're all pulling for him), and if Maliki's the one to push this over the top, honestly, I don't really much care anymore.
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