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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
I made a new friend in this, and I really like his analysis. I'm gonna keep posting his stuff, because I think he gives excellent summaries, and he's been very prolific in the last week or so. He's an old acquaintance of Kaperoni, but has been quiet, apparently, for the past couple years.

Although anything can happen with what's going on, the original plan was to create enough wealth for the average Iraqi to create a bank account. The CBI issued a statement earlier that told the banks to take their time in exchanging the present currency for the new lowers. In particular they wanted to set up savings and checking accounts. Let's face it. The average Iraqi today makes approximately the equivalent of $76.00 US per month and is hardly existing. My premise is this in a neutral currency exchange the money is worth no more that what it was. It might as well be like us trading in a 10 dollar bill for the new 10 dollar bill. An l-word is inconsistent with banks setting up savings and checking accounts from people who are essentially broke. One of Shabibi's stated goals that he hoped to achieve was to get people using the banks again. Remember Iraqis are gun shy of using banks because Saddam cleaned the banks out and most lost their life savings both through inflation and through this theft. The point I'm making is that in order to juice the banks and achieve this CBI stated goal there has to be some new money coming into the picture or an already broke, impoverished society will have nothing to put in those banks. There is absolutely no reason for the CBI to tell the banks "take your time and be sure to set up accounts" unless the average Iraq just came into some money. No one knows now what the plan is but I don't think a week from now these moves by Malibaba and his forty thieves will stick. I am encouraged by the growing outrage we are seeing in the newspapers. Iraq is surely experiencing a constitutional crisis. Maliki cannot morph into a complete dictator without controlling the media and silencing the opposition. His attempt to do this last week failed. He is afraid to use his military. I am sure the international community behind closed doors has threatened him with dire consequences if he tries to use the military. We have the 13000 troops already in country and another 25000 just across the border in Kuwait not to count addition troops in Turkey. No, he can't point guns at his people without fear of retaliation. We have had a Deputy of the Defence Department official meeting with the security and military apparatus on an unannounced visit since last week. IMHO the international community has had to wait, determine what's going on, is Shabibi guilty then make a decision to back Shabibi and embolden the opposition. It is not so easy just to go into a soveign nation and remove its leader. Unlike Iraq, Iraq has tasted freedom. There is a vocal outraged opposition that is growing daily and Maliki knows that he is cooked if he can't complete this soon. If he fails it is all or nothing and he will probably be tried for many crimes. In his mind he must win. He is quickly making his moves to consolidate power. He will lose and in short time. Why because as long as there is a free newspaper and the fear of using his military machine he will be overwhelmed with accusations against him and his 40 thieves. He is on lock down with the most essential tools necessary to become a dictator. The first sign of the cracks will come when MP's in his our party start to speak out against him appearing to side with the opposition. This you can classify as "the rats abandoning the ship". This IMHO will come to a head very shortly. Shabibi has become the rally point for Maliki's demise. Malibaba and his forty thieves took a calculated risk. IMHO they bit off more than they can chew and it will come back to finish them off.
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