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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
More from my man, tlar. There's another of his posts on DinarGuru.com that won't let me copy.

The opposition has already admitted they don't have the votes to remove Maliki. It was not parliament that removed Shabibi, it was Maliki's Council of Ministers and Joubari in particul\ar. All these guys were acting in concert with Maliki. The judicial department is under Maliki's thumb and by order from him re-issued the arrest warrants only after the outcry that the Council of Ministers had no constitutional authority to issue warrants. Either way new arrest warrants have been issued. Without the votes parliament cannot remove Maliki and the opposition doesn't have the votes at present. Sadr said yesterday they can't remove Maliki but they can prepare to beat him in the next election. That might be more difficult than they might think because as you recall Maliki charged then removed the head of this commission and replaced him with "his guy". The way this is going, Maliki may be brought down because the news in Iraq is truely trying to get to the bottom of this Shabibi affair. In doing so they are publishing damning reports unrelated to the CBI situation which if continued will show Maliki for who and what he is. So far he is being accused of murdering a politician in Mosel and of hiring assasins to kill Heshimi who is being protected by Turkey. Maliki is being accused of slandering any politician not in step with him taking his orders. He also is accused of many constitutional violations. The most important charges are yet to come which include theft and corruption. They will soon follow as the opposition is slowly becoming not afraid of their names appearing in documents such as above. Maliki is being pushed back and is starting to try to defend himself. He can't assainate everyone. The machine he has set up to make these moves continues to make mistakes and will soon start to fall apart as defections are just around the corner IMHO. There is a firestorm approching and as long as he can't silence the opposition it will get much hotter for Malibaba and his forty theives. Malibaba himself will defect and start pointinjg fingers at "his guys" in order to save face and maybe his own arse. I'm just guessing but I think the battle has turned and it won't be long now until Shabibi will be back at the helm of the CBI and Maliki, if he survise this, will be licking his wounds. His asparations of being the next dictator of Iraq will become a thing of the past and Iraq will have finally understood what it is to be a democracy. People who should have read the Iraqi constitution but didn't when they voted on it are finally understanding their rights. Iraq's are reading their constitution for the first time and finding that they can band together in a united front and challenge this would be dictator. Maybe they can't vote him out of office but for sure they can charge him a bring him to justice. I know there are 13000 marines in Iraq and I feel comfortable they they would vote to bring him to justice. By the way, so would Biden. Aparently he no longer is a Maliki cheer leader. Then again maybe all this is just wishful thinking on my part.
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