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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Everything is up in the air until we see how the Shabibi thing shakes out. I for one feel comfortable at this time because Maliki has backed off. We know this because he has attempted to distance himself from the CBI responsibility by denying any culpability by him or his government. He is now saying it was parliament who did this. Very interesting since parliament was on recess before this mess even came up. Also the Integrity Commission (the commission assigned to investgate the CBI by Nujaifi) cleared Shabibi of any wrong doing. Jubouri was head hunting Shabibi and this will come out. Shabibi just wouldn't play Malibaba's game which meant he had to go. Malibaba will have a tough time getting parliament to agree to this so now there is a definite line that is drawn in the sand. I still say Malibaba will back off of this out of fear of losing it all. I'm pleased to see the NA is trying quickly to move the HCL, Erbil, Article 140 and other legislation along. This I think is to appease the opposition in an attempt to distract from the CBI problem. They are "trying to change the subject". Unless there is solid eveidence linking Shabibi to corruption or theft or they can show that he prospered from crimes committed by employees of the CBI, I believe nothing Malibaba does is significant enough to change this subject. I will come to a head when parliament next meets. I'm very incurraged to see that the CBI is being put on lock down until this matter is resolved. There must have been a lot of pressure from the International Community to get this accomplished. At least we hopefully will not see Malibaba raid the piggy bank yet.
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