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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
A couple more takes on the replacement of some of the dinar bills in Iraq below.

Now, back to Sandy doom. My sister was on Facetime recently with my mom, so they've still got power in Brooklyn as of about an hour ago, but the worst of this mess is on its way. Say a prayer if you are thus inclined.

10-29-12 Mountainman: An economic researcher today said that Iraq is going to be a powerhouse economic force in the region and that they also need to continue to diversify their sources of revenue. He went on to say that Iraqi and foreign companies can develop the infrastructure, banking and industry, and that Iraq sits in a very strategic location in the world. We all can agree that this is true about Iraq. Such a diamond in the rough but not for long. This is a time like no other in this investment. Can you believe our Shabs is really gone, Iraqi police are storming the CBI, arresting CBI employees and the international community remains silent even after the World Bank, IMF and United Nations referenced Iraq's economy as one that will help the global financial recovery.

So, something is going on we are clearly unaware of. Even amidst the apparent turmoil, we have the Deputy CBI Governor saying they are replacing "damaged" lower denoms next month. Yeah, I'm sure they are interested in spending money to replace the same old worthless Iraqi currency. How often do you think they use a 1,000 - 5,000 bills that are worth a fraction of a cent in the market place? They never do. They use USD or a wheel barrel full of 25k notes. This is a cover for introducing the new currency. Unfortunately, the internet has made it extremely hard for them to educate the public of the upcoming change without tipping their hand. Like I said, this is a very interesting time and it's going down completely different than any of us expected.... but it's going down!!

10-29-12 Millionday: I want to make sure that everyone knows that the lower denoms are out and they are beginning the process of changing them out and I am going to tell you about it. They are right now beginning the process of having the 50s , 250s and 100s exchanged out if they are damaged which is smart. They are having any damaged at all in the country brought in because they will be using them after the three zeros are replaced. Notice which ones they are bothering to replace. These are the ones that will be in circulation after the three zeros are removed. So that they won’t have to be exchanged and they will have less work when the process begins and keep the both on the street until the entire new series is printed next year after the rate is changed / zeros removed.

Now see what is damaged is only 1% that is being replaced but 30% is damaged but in the denoms that will not remain on the streets so they are not replacing as it appears right now. So this is rocking good news. Meaning that the denoms that will be on the streets and will remain on the streets will have already been exchanged and will be mixed. So obviously the beginning of the process due to the denoms that are really damaged and they have chosen to only replace the ones they will be using after the removal of the three zeros. This is great. Very good news. Very.
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