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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
I'm on Recaps again. Sort of rode in on tlar's coattails this time, though. Good stuff.

[link to www.dinarrecaps.com]

TLAR: here's that nasty ole constitutional issues starting to raise it's ugly head. The parliament meets next Tuesday. Their first order of business will not be to defend Shabibi but rather to defend its own constitutional rights.

Parliament is endowed with many rights one of which is to make decisions on who or how the CBI operates. It is their right to decide who will run the CBI and it is their right to remove a govenor when he is not performing his expected duties.

It looks as though they are tired of Maliki using the constitution as a proof source only when it benifits him and as a doormat when it does not. Brace yourselfs. I see a major lot of news coming out Iraq concerning their constitution starting on Tuesday.

I see the papers reporting the blow by blow action on who really controls Iraq, parliament or Maliki. This is a battle that if parliament really does want to try to re-aquire their constitutional rights and reverse what has been going on since they recessed, they must fight.

Maliki cannot win this fight unless he uses his military or secret forces to stop it. IMHO there are 13,000 reasons why this is not a reasonable choice for him. Parliament either reasserts its constitutional rights immediately when they return or they might as well learn to curtsey and bow in Maliki's presence.

I think they know this. If they don't fight for their rights and they let Maliki run roughshod over the constitution, then Iraq will become a one man show. At least itt ought to make for an interesting show.
Read More Link On Right
04/11/2012 (20:00 pm) BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Accused the legal parliamentary coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by trying to control the administration's central bank, but noted that al-Maliki violating the constitution for his dismissal Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, inasmuch as it is a valid House of Representatives, while stressing Kurdish lawmaker that the issue of impeachment Shabibi will be put to a debate in parliament on Tuesday.

In an interview with the "long", said Prince Kanani member parliamentary legal committee that the issue of the nomination of a new governor of the Central Bank on behalf not discussed within the National Alliance, pointing out that this matter "is limited, however, Prime Minister and the Dawa Party."

He added that "al-Maliki put two names on the political blocs to agree on one and two Ahmed ÇáČŃíĺí deputy central bank governor, Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, former finance minister, and between" The State of Law coalition wants to convince the Iraqi List, creating a balance with the Ministry of Finance, and the Kurdistan Alliance, who is the Ministry of trade, stressing that it has become a partisan issue Mhassat and Ktheloah. READ MORE .....

[link to translate.google.com]

SCALP: Parliament actually need to turn up to win this fight....we know they dont like to do that.....shhould be interesting to see the turn out numbers for this tuesday session....wonder if we get a full hhouse for the first time in ages.

one point...i think its about time they changed the majority voting system to one of majaority of the people that turned out....real tired of these clowns walking out and stalling stuff every time it doesnt go their way............the vote should still be taken. If they did this you watch that parliament have full attendance from that point on with no walk outs.

A walk out should = a loss of vote imo, but the vote still goes ahead....summin needs to be done to motivate these clowns to do some work.

TLAR: Scalp, this should be a defining moment for parliament and for Iraq. I really hope it is not a bunch of no shows but remember, parliament was put on recess by Nujaifi because the State of Law party said they were staying away until after the feast and that meant parliament did not have a quorum.

SCALP: Yep I remember, this is why something needs to change in how they vote on stuff so that people like M or A can not stop it by just not turning up....these votes shhould still go ahead....watch the massive and instant change in Iraq if they did this, so much work would get done.

Im hhoping I dont have to care about the clowns anymore, I tend to just watch cbi now that they removed shabby...hhe seemed to be the only obstacle to me other than removing m, they didnt have the balls to remove M so removed shabby instead...this is just my opinion though on whats going on there.

The stand off between shabby and M over the power share head to come to a head at some point....this is what we are seeing now. Shabby said he wouldnt rv until power share was done, M pretended he didnt care about the RV...we had a long stand off...shabby didnt waiver so M got tired and just get him up to get him removed. JMO

REVBO: He added that "al-Maliki put two names on the political blocs to agree on one and two Ahmed ÇáČŃíĺí deputy central bank governor, Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, former finance minister, and between..."

It's gonna be Allawi. Parliament is a bunch of no-show nancy boys, and Maliki gets his way. Every time. He will again this time. And it won't be so bad.

TLAR: If there is a strong showing of the MP's not in the SOL party it will be enough to change things. There are 325 MP's

Scalp: Man my typing Stinks today...doesnt help that im missing my G and H keys :P

I quite like the sound of this Allawi geezer revbo... I just hope whoever it is they crack on and give us what were all waiting for

TLAR: I hope your wrong ReVbo. At least this question shoul be anwered by our Tuesday am. Will there be enough of them to stand up for their right?

REVBO: I kinda hope I am, too, tlar, but only because I'd like to see Parliament grow a pair, not because of the nominee, who I think is fantastic. Alas, I am not optimistic on the first item. But, hey, the consolation prize is, we get a world class central bank governor from the Dawa gangsters, and if he'll pull the trigger, he's alright by me.

TLAR: It sounds to me ReVbo that you're only interested in the money. Ha Ha

ReVbo: Guilty as charged. I want Iraqis to be free, and for democracy to thrive there, but it seems as if that's not really in the cards right now. Maybe some day, but if they're going to have a dictator, I want one who will allow Iraq to at least be prosperous. I'm just hoping, at this point, Maliki is more of an Augusto Pinochet- than a Hugo Chavez-type dictator, and I think he is.

WGW242: I'm with ReVbo. No one else cares about the Iraqi people, as evidenced by the response to Dr. Shabibi's plight. They are not willing to make their democracy work at this time. Maybe sometime in the future we will move from Dictator to Democracy. In the meantime, an Rv will help the people in spite of Maliki.

Tlar Once the dinar does its thing I could care less about Iraq or Maliki. I said before when it RVs I don't want to know anything beyond the last bank I visit and I intend to never, never, never read another thing about Iraq. Besides I don't think you can even get the news on the beaches of Belize. The only thing I will be interested in is the exact location of the bartender as I hope to get another drink.

BlueyesinLevis I thought Ali Allawi is the cousin of Ilyad Allawi.. and the son in law of Chalabi.. hence he would be acceptable to the kurds and the List? And his resume looks impressive.

SHAUND2073: That is my overstanding to Blue eyes.. and he is qualified actually!! wow a new concept for them to put in an offical who is actually has background in that field , and I beleive that they are going to do that not only to please the parties but remember, this is on the mainstream media but wouldnt you think the offical has to be acceptable to the IMF. I mean they will be his boss.

TLAR: Iraqiya, the Sadrist and Kurdistan are all interested in the independance of the CBI, The Sadrists have already stated that they intend not to vote for Maliki in the next election. The have also stated that the CBI must be independent. If these three blocks show all locked in step along with just a few disinchanted MP's from other blocks, Maliki looses. They have the votes. Maliki cannot depend on the NA to sustain from voting as a solution because of the Sadrists who are counted as part of their membership. In addition many in the NA that are not Sadrists are also disinchanted with Maliki. Tuesday could be a big day.

TGIRL: Sadrists: Dawa party has a monopoly on the central bank governor candidates

01:08:05 / 11/2012 Khandan - The Prince Kanani member of the Legal Committee of Parliament MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, that the issue of the nomination of a new governor of the Central Bank on behalf not discussed within the National Alliance, pointing out that this matter "is limited, however, Prime Minister and the Dawa Party."

[link to translate.google.com]
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