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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
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Hey Revbo thanks for keeping things rolling. Still limited internet service from where I'm at in Hawaii. Things are looking good for an RV. Keep the faith. sk
 Quoting: seeker2

No problem, buddy. Good to see ya. Here's tlar's latest...

"This article says 3 different things. The article is a slam on Shabibi further tightening the accusations against him. It clearly blames him for the economy not prospering. It also implys that the CBI is working hard to bring the two rates, the street value and the program rate back together at the program rate. They refer to this in the article as stablizing the rate. At the end of the article they refer to increasing the value in the coming period which will help the economy. This statement looks to be an affirmation from the Maliki government that they realize that it is imperitive to raise the value in order to progress as a country. They must have the backing of the IMF to pull this off. In the past the IMF and the WB had given its blessing and backing through articles that said the IMF and th WB were firmly behind Iraq and would support the raise of the currency. This meant IMF and WB loans if necessary to support it along with recognition from both the IMF and WB that it is worthy of what ever the new rate turned out to be. We know this because the reverse is also true. If the IMF and the WB refused to support a raise, then other countries would probably not recognized whatever the new rate Iraq put on its currency. In addition it is the IMF that agrees or disagrees as to whether the dinar becomes an article VIII currency which gives it an international trading recognition. Iraq needs to play ball with the IMF to RV successfully. We will have to see whether or not Iraq looks to be playing ball with the IMF. Iraq, in trying to abandon the ration cards is a first good sign that they are at least attempting to play by the rules. This has been a demand by the IMF for a few years now but was stalled by the political problems. Yesterday Kap put up an article that talked of the tariffs being put in place in June with no more delays. This is another request by both the IMF and the WB along with the WTO that has been held up because of the disput between Maliki and Shabibi. In fact it is a pre-requiset along with the raising of the currency to more parrelel the US dollar in order to be a member of the WTO. The WTO told to Iraq this back in 2009 and unless someone can show me an article that counters this, Iraq still has to install tariffs and increase the value of the dinar closer to the US dollar in order to be a full member as two of the requirements. The article above is very encouraging because of the recognition that Iraq must revalue. It is also encouraging to see that at least for the time being that they look like they are attemopting to follow the IMF's advise.and most encouraging, that the intend to activate the tariffs even if has been a long time coming. The realities are they have to increase the value of their currency if they activate those tariffs and if they ever really inrtend to join the WTO as a full member. They have to follow the same path laid down by Shabibi with the only difference today is, they have to get out of their own way now that they conrtrol the process start to finish."
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