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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Talabani will ask the National Alliance change Al-Maliki upon returning to Baghdad

Monday, 03 December 2012 17: 32

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}--{gauder} said the Kurdish President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad will be requested on arrival directly from Al-Maliki to reform and change its policy in violation of the Constitution ".

The paper said Talabani would seek constitutional and legal way and request change Al-Maliki by the Iraqi National Alliance and set another character.

The leading newspaper in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Fred assrd was quoted as saying that the Kurds themselves are unable to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in these circumstances, so that the President will use the constitutional and legal powers against the policies of Prime Minister.

The reports said that Talabani will return Saturday evening Baghdad more than a month after the end of his departure

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12-3-12 Bondlady: I'm going to do something I never do...repeat a rumor that was told to me so take it as a rumor please but because of things my team and I've discovered there could be some truth to things.

Someone told me the currency was printed in the 1st part of November 2012, and was shipped at the end of Nov. 2012. That being said then we did some Del La Rue studies. This was a stockholders meeting from Del la Rue..."De La Rue issues profit warning after contract delays By Simon Nias Wednesday, 14 November 2012 De La Rue's share price fell more than 5% on Tuesday after it was forced to cut its full-year earnings guidance in its six-month trading update."

The world's largest banknote printer blamed the profit warning on delays to "a number of significant orders which had been expected and planned for production in the second half of the current financial year."

If this isn't mainly talking about Iraq I don’t know what other country Del La Rue was doing a major contract for. Then all of a sudden laws were passed with the new proxy CBI governor, which the goi/parl didn't seem to want to pass for Shabibi and when you tie all of this in with our Thanksgiving post of new and amended laws passed, counterfeiting and money laundering laws we look for the changes happening and they are happening.

Huge things as we watch a country being given life right before our eyes; truly exciting times. Well, I can't see it any other way than we're very close.
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