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Message Subject Iraq an economic Study
Poster Handle ReVbo™
Post Content
Revbo, my best guess is they are not meeting with the CBI to investigate the claims of corruption anymore than the deputy of defense met with maliki to discuss the strategic alliance between the US and Iraq. This is not business as usual over the last couple of days. First the US announces that they have picked a successor to Maliki as part of a possible interum government until the new elections, then Moon visits Maliki at his office supposedly to discuss the Kuwaiti relationship, then the Deputy of Defence pays Maliki a vist to spposedly talk about the military alliance and partnership with Iraq and now the UN going into the CBI under the guise of investigating corruption and calling the bank an International bank which it is not.. The world just got all over this IMHO. Something is a foot. I believe Maliki has stepped in it. I have said since 2008 that Iraq is too important to the world to let it go to hell in a hand basket. An article just came out that said by 2023 it is expected that Iraq will be producing half the oil used in the world. Iraq cannot be lost to a despot who does not have an interest in developing the resources and continues to cause turmoil that long term might lead to a civil war. This is a battle the world cannot afford to loose and I think we are witnesses to a world intervention. Remember they can't be seen as interferring or trying to control a soviegn nation. This is a mission of last resort and I believe we are watching this mission unfold as we speak. The world needs Iraq's oil and the world needs Iraq's money. There are no desenters in the UNSC to any move that is necessary to insure Iraq comes to fruition. All 5 permanent members have been on board since the invasion until today.
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